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-==== Characters ==== 
-When a Character Card is "​locked"​ to a game, it creates a "​Generated Character"​ for the duration of that game.  ​ 
-Every generated character in EXODE has [[character-profile-background|background information]] (name, gender, planet of origin, faction), current status (health, wounds, stress level, current happiness) and a number of [[character-profile-skills-rtm|skills]] that we call their "​profile"​. ​ The keywords on your Character Cards are called "​[[character-profile-traits|traits]]"​ and affect the generation of background information and skills. 
-It should be noted that, in EXODE, for simplicity, skills encompass a very broad range of concepts so that the same mechanics can be used throughout. ​ This removes many of the endless tables and memorization of traditional role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&​D). ​ Thus, not only do EXODE skills encompass traditional skills but also things that D&D considers innate abilities and attributes -- so that all can be handled in exactly the same simplified, unified fashion. ​ 
-Further, in EXODE, you  
-  * don't have to understand all of these profile skills, ​ 
-  * most often don't know their exact values at the start of the game (see  [[evac2-alter-crew|investigating and altering your generated crew]]), and  
-  * generally only have to pay attention to whether they have significantly good or bad values.  ​ 
-Helpfully, when generated characters //**do**// have exceptionally good or bad values (whether due to innate rolls or the effects of other characters and/or items), the associated trait appears on the visual representation of that generated character -- so you can even ignore the skill scores entirely and just pay attention to their associated traits. 
-A complete list of character //​**SKILLS**//,​ their descriptions and their associated traits can be found [[character-profile-skills-rtm|here]]. ​ There is a complete list of character //​**TRAITS**//,​ their descriptions and their associated skills [[character-profile-traits|here]].