Factions are groups or cultures whose members and equipment can only be used with the proper Origin and/or Enhancements. If a card belongs to multiple factions, it may be used as long as you have the proper requirements for any one of them.

Note also that some Origins may add Factions as they level-up.

You can find all the cards that belong to a particular faction by using the “Select a faction” dropdown in the deck expert tool.

Civilian (3 Origins, 23 cards)

Criminal (1 Origin, 19 cards)

Military (1 Origin, 28 cards)

Scientific (2 Origins, 19 cards)

Achean Gangs (1 card)

Corporate (4 cards, requires Corporate License)

Drachian Republic (4 cards, requires Drachian Commissar)

Federation (6 cards)

Flesh Cult (4 cards)

Genetician (2 cards, requires Genetician Console)

Nomad Fleet (1 card)

Rebel (2 cards, requires Rebellion Secrets)

Sunteks (2 cards)

Syndicate (15 cards, requires Syndicate Chip)

Triskan Survivors (2 cards)