Opening EXODE packs (starters, boosters, contracts, character & item packs, etc.) always results in acquiring new cards that are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the HIVE blockchain. You can also buy cards from other players from the Starbase Market or receive them as rewards.

You can peruse all of the cards in eXode (with search and filters) by using the Deck Expert.

Cards have three rarities (common, rare. epic and legendary) and will each be one of the following types:

Cards obtained from any source except starter packs have a 2% chance to be Elite.

Many cards can also be substantially improved through either

  • upgrading” (for cards which have the upgradable keyword) or
  • leveling up” (for character and ship cards with a Quality Level).

Starter Packs

The three Starter packs can be bought from the Exode Store. The best deal is the triple pack which contains one of each starter.

Navy Lieutenant Starter Pack

Arc Scientist Starter Pack

Elected Leader Starter Pack


Contracts provide weekly deliveries of 3, 6 or 10 cards based upon the type of contract. Contracts were only available for sale until shortly after the initial booster opening.

Tom Settler Contract

Rekatron Weapon Drops

Syndicate Sponsorship

Booster Packs

Booster pack cards consist of

  • 40+ Common cards
  • 45 Rare Cards
  • 35 Epic Cards
  • 13 Legendary cards

That's a total of 133+ unique cards to be found in the Alpha Edition Boosters! Booster pack card probability is:

  • 65% chance to be Common
  • 30% chance to be Rare
  • 4% chance to be Epic
  • 1% chance to be Legendary