Game Overview

EXODE includes two main game scenes (Evacuation and Colonization) but all rely on the same mechanics.

To start a game in EXODE, you set up your own game by picking cards from your collection. You must have an Origin, a Ship, Officer cards and Crew cards. You may also have Weapons cards and Armor cards as well as Passenger cards and Cargo cards for your colony

When your launch your game, it sends a message to the blockchain which includes these cards, confirming your game. The cards that you use will then be locked to your current game and temporarily unusable outside it. They will become free again when the game ends! Once the game is confirmed, temporary characters will be generated for the character-cards you selected.

You will then begin your Evacuation. If you succeed, these characters, weapons, armor and cargo - plus whatever you got during EVAC - will become your first citizens and assets on your planet.

Next, you will choose a planet to land on. You will acquire this planet and settle a new colony. This is when Space Colonization truly begins for you.

You will then be able to manage their colony, build structures, explore their planet, design new food and fuel, even repair your ship, explore the galaxy and/or create unique resources specific to their planetary discoveries. To do so, you must give orders to your crew and citizens – and make decisions when events will arise.

A game of eXode does not have any fixed duration. But it notably ends when you lose or abandon your colony.

You get rewards during the game and season rewards at the end of every season as long as your game lasts and your colony survives. Also, the longer you survive, the more the rewards you get at the end of the game.

When you end the game (with your colony destroyed by aliens for instance) you get some loot: these cards are called Legacy Rewards and are part of a unique loot table related to your starting Origin and launch cards.