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EXODE broadcast fixes and changelog


Pack NFTs were broadcasted in April with the “exode_new_delivery” message but this message became obsolete and is not required for replay.

Pack NFTs are mentioned as soon as required for blockchain replay:

1) a pack opening mentions its source pack

2) a contract opening for instance needs to ensure the pack NFT is known and bound to account.

3) a market purchase or transfer also mentions a NFT.

In this case, they are part of the message.

"openpack" and Pack NFTs

Pack NFTs have also been added May 11th (11:30 AM UTC) to the open pack message of Triple Packs, which announced the destination packs.

They were missing before, and it was not intended to be missing from this message.

exode_newpack (one repeated broadcast)

In April, one “exode-newpack” broadcast was repeated.

The first broadcast was validated by back-end and all others were ignored (as should be), so it caused no issue, but it's worth mentioning for blockchain replay. Its target was account “dynaxius” .