Society is always about layers. Some people live above the issues that many others have to endure – despite the unfairness of it all. For a time, some declarations of rights pushed things in a positive direction and there was hope, but the corruption of the Federation ensured such initiatives could not be sustained and the associated improvements did not last long.

The Clynosts are one such outproduct of the inequalities in the Space Federation. Trying to survive as miners, explorers or lone privateers accepting dangerous tasks, they became an odd assembly of exiles and independents regarded as odd hermits for trying to exist on their own. Many died horrible deaths with survivors left forgotten on faraway planets after suffering radiation damage and gruesome injuries.

As a result, Clynosts often lived in areas no one would chase them off, such as radioactive zones. With their devastating injuries and disabling mutations, they developed a culture around circumventing these disadvantages with implants. Their skills with Cybernetics are unparalleled and used to cobble together Implants from whatever leftover things they could found in order to make of for the lack of Toughness of their shattered bodies.