Alpha - Evacuation Version "C"

Apr 29th; first browser version released to players

Only 3 days after version B, this version aimed at proving that EXODE can be played entirely on browser.

It recompressed all resources (sound, video, and images) down to 20 % size and developed several ways to use them, to make it playable on average connections. On good connections, the experience was already very close to the executable.

It added a full loading page and preloader.

More importantly, it added a new navigation system, with the “Action Bar” available once docked on station. This navigation system removed the need to scroll up and down between rooms.

It also added to cockpit an access to Cargo, Passengers and Starfleet.

It improved the tutorial further and refined some orders.

It still had a large number of bugs, but its changelog included fixes of many things noted in version B, such as these points:

1. Start screen: Fixed Menu hit detection.

2. Start screen: Fixed Menu appearance while navigating.

3. Start screen: Improved tooltip system.

4. Start screen: Improved popup text (and fixed an “undefined” there)

5. Station Approach: Fixed video for wide screens.

6. Station Approach: Fixed game being locked up sometimes on 'OK' button.

7. Station Approach: Added new styles for lower resolutions.

8. Station: Fixed tutorial picking a wrong crew member.

9. Station: Fixed overlapping of first crew member.

10. Station: Fixed completion of Come Back Order.

11. Station: Fixed completion of Reunite with Crew Order.

12. Station: (during testing) Hotfixed the Move Order.

13. Station: Added new styles for lower resolutions.