Blockchain Replay

Blockchain replay, in the case of EXODE, is the ability to reproduce all EXODE assets thanks to the blockchain itself.

We believe this article is extremely important to guarantee decentralization (it shows what is decentralized).

And to allow in all transparency to “recast” EXODE assets in case anything happens.

We believe it acts a strong part in guaranteeing the value of your assets.

This wiki article describes all broadcasts which are relevant to this process.

All these broadcasts are, at the moment, broadcasted to account exodegame. And as specified, we use the HIVE decentralized blockchain.

To understand our broadcasts, you should also check our Asset Types.

In addition, reading our exodegame account and its blocks will reveal the format of each broadcast mentioned below.

We are also adding a "blockchain changelog" about issues we had and fixes we made to our broadcasts.

Our Broadcasts so Far


This is broadcasted when someone purchases a pack from us. An exode_newpack event results in someone acquiring one or several new packs.


This is broadcasted when someone receives a pack, usually from a referral bonus. These packs are also acquired but are usually “bound to account”.


This is broadcasted when someone receives a pack, usually from a community reward. It was provided to our early alpha backers as a thank you.

Most community rewards were not bound to account, as a thank you also.

exode_new_delivery (obsolete, not required for replay)

Delivery messages were secondary broadcasts to player accounts. It was just for convenience, a process to broadcast elements to player accounts (sending their pack NFTs there).

Some players found it bothering to receive so many messages. So the delivery message is now considered obsolete and is not required for blockchain replay.


This is broadcasted when a contract has a new weekly drop ready.

  • Tuesday is Tom's Tuesday (where Tom Settler Premium Buddies receives a new drop of 6 cards),
  • Friday is Rekatron Friday (where Rekatron Weapon Drops generate 10 new cards),
  • Sunday is Syndicate Sunday (where Syndicate contracts generate 3 new cards).

To be valid for a drop, a contract must have been purchased before midnight +1 minute the next day.


This is broadcasted when someone purchases a pack, or a single card, from another player. There is one purchase broadcast per pack or card.

The message is also broadcasted to the player account, but reading from exodegame is enough for blockchain replay.


This is broadcasted when someone receives a pack or a single card for free from another player. There is one broadcast per pack or card.

The message is also broadcasted to the player account, but reading from exodegame is enough for blockchain replay.


This is broadcasted to the player account (as he is there actively authorizing it at that time) when he proposes one of his assets to the market.

It is required for blockchain replay if you want to recreate the “latest market lists” but is not required for recreating asset ownership, as all fulfilled proposals will use other broadcasts (exode_market_purchase).


This is broadcasted when someone opens a pack. It specifies all the packs and cards received, their IDs, their NFTs, and for cards it also mentions if they are Elite or not.

The source pack is also mentioned. Once opened, the source pack is considered destroyed.


This broadcast was made specifically for contracts. It has the same format as 'exode_openpack'.

Contracts are not destroyed when they are opened, they are still there. Once a drop is received, they are supposed to be bound to account for a time, but so far EXODE is testing a free market without binding them.


This broadcast mentions a Transaction id (“tx_id”) which is to be ignored, because it is in error or was created as a development test.

Other broadcasts?

We will add other broadcasts as they come.

Specifically, we might release “collection” broadcasts every few months as snapshots of the entire collections of all players, to provide a new “save point” for developers and allow them to replay things from there.

However we don't want to “clog” the blockchain.

All other broadcasts should be ignored.

Specifically, broadcasts to account “elindos” can be ignored for blockchain replay, as the game developer has no interest in holding or selling cards aside that for testing purposes.

In the early days there was one broadcast which was repeated by server (easily noticeable and uses same TX and contents). This broadcast is to be considered single.

Bound to account?

Referral bonuses are bound to account to prevent fake accounts and bots from exploiting the referral system. We will decide about what should happen with their booster contents, and how combining bound cards and unbound cards should work.