Character Personality Traits

These traits are used to determine friendship and rivalries among the crew, with values being compatible or not with others. This system is anticipated to allow more compatibility in citizens and to estimate if a citizen purchased on the market could be friends with one or more of the team members that he will have to work with.

Personality Type (one of six values from A to F) Personality type aims at being closer in people with compatible types. You have chances to dislike people of same value while appreciating a lot people with 1 point distance (A enjoys B, B likes A and C, etc) and hating people with 3+ points distance (A vs D / E / F).

Romance and love is different however and can happen with any type toward any type, except less chance for same letter.

Ego Type (one of six values from A to F) Normally, the closer to A, the more dangerous and narcissistic the person can be; however, persons with F can easily be depressive etc. Also, the higher the ego, the more active toward a possible agenda the person can be. Note that this is just a demonstration/gaming model ; with no intent to declare it holding any real truth in real world psychology.

Intellect Type (one of six values from A to F) Used in the same way as personality type.

Agenda Type (currently one of six types of agenda from A to F) Note, however, that other agenda letters are likely to be “active” in the future.