EXODE Versions

This article summarizes the versions of EXODE that have been created in reverse chronological order.

Alpha - Evacuation Game launcher "E0" (May 31st; major update)

Evacuation version E is the new generation of Evacuation gameplay, planned to be the last one before we release colonization. Once complete, version E will also be the first version where we play custom cards from our collection, have them on cooldown, and receive HIVE rewards. More details are available here

Alpha - Evacuation Patches "D/43" to "D/45" (May 16th-28th)

These versions added broadcasts of end results and a number of fixes (many to prevent exploits). More details here

Alpha - Evacuation Version "D/4" (May 14th; major update)

Version D4 was a two day update. As development switched resources to the card collection (deploying 42 unique cards last week and the opening pack feature, and 45 more unique contract cards to be deployed this week) it was felt necessary to upgrade version D with some missing features. More details here

Alpha - Evacuation Version "D/3" (May 4th; major update)

Version D/3 was initially planned to be the final release of Version D. It made a whole collection of features deployed and accessible in EXODE playable alpha. More details here.

Alpha - Evacuation Version “D/2” (May 3rd; browser version update)

This version deployed a large number of features to Evacuation, with the aim of making it closer to being “feature complete”. People were able to escort passengers, access Starfleet details and use a refined version of about everything on the Station. To check the complete list of features and upgrades, please view the article about version D/3 above, which stabilized and upgraded D/2.

Alpha - Evacuation Version "D/1" (May 2nd; browser version update)

The D1 version is the first part of “Version D”. This version focused on stabilizing existing features before deploying some new ones in D/2. D/1 was released to allow players to benefit from it's “fixes”, which are numerous but still do not address many specific “resolution” problems. D/1 also reworked a large part of the code to make it faster with to add additional features. More details here.

Alpha - Evacuation Version "C" (Apr 29th; first browser version released to players)

Only 3 days after Version B, this version aimed at proving that EXODE can be played entirely on browser. It re-compressed all resources (sound, video, and images) down to 20 % size and developed several ways to use them, to make it playable on average connections. On good connections, the experience was already very close to the executable. More details here.

Alpha - Evacuation Version "B" (Apr 26th; first executable version released to players)

Version B added a large number of features to “Version A” to give it more atmosphere like confirmation sounds, fleet radio, bullets and submachine guns, shields and ongoing battle, and actual enemies coming. Most importantly, it also added a full tutorial to EXODE.

Version B had a collection of bugs, but aimed to make the evacuation experience, strong, original, and unique. Released as an executable, it wanted also to share how EXODE was going to be as a Steam game.

Version B was released to our Testroom on Discord, and played by dozens of people over the next days. It was then used as a base for the browser version (version C) above.

Alpha - Evacuation Version "A" (Apr 24th ; used for the in-game footage)

This version was the first executable version of EXODE gameplay.

Programmed in six very intense days, it was used to record in-game alpha footage and then was used as a base for “version B”, the first alpha playable version released to the public.

View the in-game footage