Drachian Faction

More than 150 years ago, a federal Admiral by the name of Zalchus Drachian was ordered to eradicate a non-threatening colony of settlers. Not ready to cross that line, he disobeyed the order and seceded. He didn't do so alone, though. His whole fleet joined him. As words of his deeds and the order he disobeyed spread across the galaxy, more fleets, more colonists, and even whole planets joined his cause.

Others saw him as a traitor to the Federation and tried to stop him. In what is known today as the Drachian Revolution, countless battles were fought between the Drachian fleet and fleets loyal to the Federation. Zalchus Drachian was no less than a military genius and in the end, the Federation had to accept a peace terms: recognizing the Drachian Republic, also called by some the “New Empire”, a heavily militarized authority which is certainly present to defend, or enforce, the freedom of its members.

The Drachians value their independence and freedom above everything else and they are prepared to defend it, no matter the cost. Born out of war, they are a highly militarized society and it shows on all their cards.

Drachian officers are well trained, disciplined, highly skilled and have knowledge of techniques and weaponry unknown to the Federation. The Drachian Colonel, given away as part of a March promo, is no exception to that. At quality level 7 and with all the traits you'd expect a Space combat officer to have, he's an extremely powerful addition to any military origin on his own.

What really makes him special, however, is his ability to inspire Discipline in others. Inspires is a rather rare and powerful trait that we've never seen on an officer before. Any crew serving with the Drachain Colonel will be highly disciplined and well prepared for any confrontation. Fortunately, the Drachian Colonel is also part of the achievement rewards with the Drachian Mantis so, eventually, any captain has a chance to obtain him.

What's true for their officers holds true for their rank-and-file members as well. Drachian Soldiers are among the best troopers in the known universe. While their skill and discipline already sets them apart from the rest, what really makes them special is their equipment.

Independent from the Federation, the Drachians developed their own technologies, highly focused on giving them the edge in any military encounter. Unlike normal troopers, Drachian Assault Troopers already come with their personal weaponry and armor equipped, rivaling some of the best products even Rekatron has to offer.

Drakian Scarab Armor

As you can see, the Assault Trooper only has the Drachian Republic trait, so you can't just add him to your crew. But how do you get them to join your cause then? By bringing a Drachian Commissar with you! If you have a Drachian Commissar onboard your ship, he allows you to bring two additional members of the Drachian Republic along.

Drachian Commissar

The Commissar himself is merely a Passenger, however, so don't expect him to do anything for you during Evacuation. He has the Civilian and Military traits, so any Origin with one of these traits can bring him with. In your colony, the Commissar will be useful in dealing with Secret Agendas and other plots thanks to his bonus to Investigation but other than that, he won't be doing much for you.

If you want to learn more about the Drachians and follow their story, make sure to bring a Drachian Mantis to your Evacuation and follow their Achievement path for some unique Drachian rewards.

Much of this entry was drawn from the article originally published by exodenews on the Hive blog here