The Flesh Cult

The Flesh Cult faction is a twisted religion of “self-enlightment by pleasure”.

They may sound like maniacs but they have a much deeper meaning and objective. They consider the body is a sacred temple, they respect life - when it serves their needs of course - and they favor 'synthetic purity', a combination of keeping the sacred in your body but actually adding perfectly bio-engineered elements.

The Cult thrives in the highest circles with extended bio-engineering and what they call “synthetic arts”. Their leaders perfectly embody the Arts, going as much synthetic as they can yet looking like perfectly made humans.

The Flesh Cult has members who actively recruiter and once citizens are recruited into the Cult you only have to make sure that the Leader stays loyal, and he/she may make others loyal to you. The Cult Leader can even receive orders to deliver “speeches” in your favor. However, the Cult Leader may also have a Secret Agenda.

Given the Cult's agenda, Magna Cultists are excellent Bio-engineering specialists.

And, who knows, utilizing the Flesh Cult may be an excellent way to better ensure the loyalty of those pesky Disloyal characters.