Genetician Faction

Corporations led non-sanctioned bio-research and succeeded in creating a new human species. This species gained in influence and separated from “human” rule.

The Geneticians are members of that breed who also try to create another superior species, researching the new step of evolution. They are excellent bio-scientists, but shrouded in secrecy.

With only two cards, the Genetician Faction is one of the smallest complete Factions in the Alpha Edition. It is comprised of the Genetician Console which grants the Genetician Faction to the Origin and all officers and crew and a lovely ship, the "Coetus" Class Science Vessel, to install it in.

A Genetician Scientist card was given away as part of a March promo.

They are also part of the in-game rewards.

Only Elindos knows what advantages or future cards this Faction will hold.