Rebel Faction

eXode has some of the worst criminals as well as the long arm of justice. But there is never only good and bad, so let us introduce you to the Rebels!

First off, let's meet their leader:

The Rebel General is quite the package. He is a battle hardened commander in the field. He knows his way around and both his Stealth as well as his Popularity help him to get in and out of any place he needs to be. Factor in his quality level of 9 and it's easy to see that he will be one of the best characters you can bring for any combat related tasks.

That's not really what sets him apart from the rest, though. The Rebel General comes with two very unique abilities. Firstly, as the Rebel Leader, he is the one responsible for planning the rebellion and giving tasks to his operatives. Since you have brought him with you, he now considers you to be an operative as well, so he will occasionally approach you with a mission he needs taken care off.

If you prove to be a valuable asset to the rebellion, he might start to actually like you. Being friends with the Rebel General could pay off big for you. As a Covert Spy, he will learn about the secret agendas other characters in your colony might be following. Once he trusts you enough, he will share that information with you. Obviously you shouldn't mind that he has a Secret Agenda of his own…

Now that you have met the Rebel's leader, how do you get him onboard in the first place? Well, pretty easy, just join the Rebellion!

The Rebellion Secrets can be equipped to any Origin. This way, it gains the ability to recruit a single Rebel Faction card and also Inspires Stealth and Anti-Federation at a 50% rate of the usual value. The card can be upgraded three times, so you can choose to either increase the number of Rebel Faction cards you can bring or increase the value of Stealth and Anti-Federation it inspires.

If you go all in on the Rebellion and upgrade it to the maximum level, it also opens up unique rewards from the Rebels Achievement rewards. The Rebel faction is here to stay and you can expect to hear more from them in future editions. While they provide some very powerful cards, they are also relevant for the story!

“They knew”. Who did know what exactly? And what was the Rebellion up to? From their Anti-Federation trait it is easy to see that they were not terribly fond of what the Federation was doing. But what was the Federation doing then? Did they know about the aliens? Did they know what was coming their way? Did they maybe even do something that provoked the alien attack in the first place?

You might have heard rumors about a Federation weapon that they disassembled and that is now scattered across multiple Encrypted Federal Cargo crates. So maybe the aliens only attacked because the Federation was working on that weapon? If you want to find out, you should definitely start to work with the Rebellion!

There is one Origin especially that might be the right choice for that endeavor:

The Secret Agent is all about stealth and secrecy already, so who would be better suited to try and lift the mystery beyond all this? If you take a closer look at her traits you will discover that she is the perfect match for The Rebellion Secrets!

Both cards inspire Stealth and the Secret Agent provides a +1 Synergy bonus to all characters with the Stealth trait. If you combine the Secret Agent, The Rebellion Secrets, and the Rebel General you will end up with the stealthiest crew imaginable.

One Secret Agent and a Rebel Leader alone might not be enough for your day-to-day secret operations needs, though. With fully upgraded Rebellion Secrets you could potentially bring two more Rebel faction cards, so why not recruit additional Rebel Agents?

The Cornered Rebel Agent is all you would expect from a secret operative - and some more. She has both the Heroism and Courage traits. At first glance this is a great thing, as she won't shy away from any combat and no matter how bad the odds, she will always try to make it work.

Heroism, especially, is a double-edged sword though. She is more than willing to sacrifice herself for a greater good. So if you ever order her to retreat from a situation that she deems worthy to give her life for, she is very likely to just ignore your order.

This entry is slightly modified from the article originally published by exodenews on the Hive blog here