Society is always about layers. Some people live above the issues that many others have to endure – despite the unfairness of it all. For a time, some declarations of rights pushed things in a positive direction and there was hope, but the corruption of the Federation ensured such initiatives could not be sustained and the associated improvements did not last long. Thus, ever-increasing numbers of people were left behind as leftovers and castaways.

As a result, some ended up poor or in an even worse situation than when they started – yet they kept trying to make the best of the situation with their family. Shims is a pejorative but very common term, designating people living on the fringe of middle society, poor-average generations moving from planet to planet. They accepted and depended upon all 'welcoming packages' of planets or corporation bonuses thus giving them a reputation as 'poor profiteers' or parasites; all up to anything!“

Constantly needing to skulk and scavenge, they have excellent city/Station skills and good Planetary skills. They are fiercely loyal to their own families but care for no one else and will happily sell anyone else out for scraps giving them a reputation for Disloyalty as well.