About Large Orders

Some of this information was about alpha presale offers and has expired. Discounts which are still applicable are: the -20 % for large orders of shop boosters, and the additional -10 % for large orders (3k). Meaning you get -30% total!

Special discounts have been set up with large orders in mind. Every 40 boosters get you -2 % on the whole order.

This maxes at -20 % discount on your whole order if you have 400 boosters. This also reduces the price of your contracts, starters, etc.

You get -10 % additional discount if your purchase volume (before discounts) is at least 3k USD. This means -30 % on your total order!

Expired offers: During presale, for any order at 5k USD or more, we also created a Legendary character and illustrated it by our artist ShinoXL and gifted max level elite 2 copies of it. This character was also added to booster collection.

Two of these characters are still in development and should be released this year.

Airdrop: for all these new characters, players with alpha boosters already opened will also get a proper rarity chance for an airdrop, so they won't lose anything ; they actually gain an option for a bonus thanks to it!