About Large Orders

Special discounts have been set up with large orders in mind. Every 40 boosters get you -2 % on the whole order.

This maxes at -20 % discount on your whole order if you have 400 boosters. This also reduces the price of your contracts, starters, etc.

You get -10 % additional discount if your purchase volume (before discounts) is at least 3k USD. This means -30 % on your total order!

For any order at 5k USD or more, we will create a Legendary character and illustrate it by our artist ShinoXL.

The investor will be allowed to name it (we might suggest adequation to the EXODE Lore) and we will discuss its powers.

The investor will receive 2 maxed level Elite cards of this character.

This character will also be added to our booster collection and will become an added feature for all EXODE players!

Players with alpha boosters already opened will also get a proper rarity chance for an airdrop, so they won't lose anything.

Larger Orders?

Larger orders have been proposed as well.

For any order above 8k USD in original purchase volume, you will get 10 % additional discount, meaning a 40 % total discount.

Such orders need to be processed manually though, and we want to make sure we have a contact with the person, knowledge of their good intentions regarding EXODE.

So you'll need to get in touch with us on our Discord server [https://discord.gg/GZcYNXz], before this can happen!