Cards with the Layout trait are used to cover your installations and protect them.

For example, Protection Walls can cover 2 installations and provide them with some Ground Protection. This will be incredibly useful if you find yourself on a planet with aggressive carnivores or other hostile inhabitants.

It has a small downside though. Those huge walls make your whole Colony more visible, so the aliens will have an easier time to find you.

Of course, if you are really worried about an alien attack, you could always put your most important buildings (or even your whole colony!) underground. With the Underground Construction you can move one installation below ground level. This way it will be very well protected from orbital attacks and the building itself will be hidden from plain sight.

But, any colonist who works in your new underground facility will lose some Happiness. After all, everybody wants to see the sun(s) from time to time! The Underground Construction is the perfect match for any high value installation that needs to be protected at any cost – but you probably don't want to put your colonists' Habitat down there unless you really have to.

Both the Protection Walls and the Underground Construction are Droppable, so you can always send a copy to your already established colony in case you find it needs some additional protection.

Much of entry is drawn from the article originally published by exodenews on the Hive blog here