About veilspeed

Veilspeed starts at above light speed at which point a deformation occurs, triggering the effect known as “the veil”.

Veilspeed engines have what is called a “neuter-field generator” which addresses many issues which would be otherwise deadly. The neuter-field effect, once attained, makes space travel possible. Veilspeed weapons carry their own neuter-field generator as well, for other purposes such as anticipating “target location” accurately.

Even with the advantage of the neuter-field discovery, humans unused to the veil effect may enter coma. Humans used to this effect, on the other hand, will over time develop several anticipation capabilities in the veil, used in ship combat at veilspeed.

Veilspeed continues up and up until what is considered “warp speed” itself. Warpspeed is not a scientific term but is just another range of veilspeed. It is the point at which it becomes the same as “folding space” entirely and teleporting to target. Ships will usually travel at veilspeed as warping can be extremely dangerous and is not considered reliable enough. There are also several ranges of speed above warpspeed, with unknown effects. Hypergalatic jumps could possibly use an unknown speed, which required power - and its 'release' by the hyperdrive engine - would certainly cause severe ship damages.