Referral System

EXODE allows you to create a referral code.

To do that, you just need to click on 'bonus' and input your account name. Your code will then be displayed.

This code can then be used by other players at anytime, by visiting a link such as

Any person who uses your referral code when placing his/her first order will be added to your “referral group”.

People from your referral group all share several advantages:

  • They start closer to each other in the galaxy.
  • They receive 2 free boosters.
  • And if the group gets to at least have 10 members, every member also receives a random Epic Character card.

The referral creator gets separate bonuses:

  • For every person joining his group, he receives 2 free boosters.
  • If the group gets to at least 10 members, he will receive 2 random Epic Character cards.

Referrals are a great way to receive free boosters, but also to get a solid group going.

Note: all referral bonuses (boosters and character) are locked to account to prevent abuse. This means they can't be sold to the market.