Scanning phase: Landing

At the end of the Scanning phase, when your ship is orbiting around the Planet, you can order your Pilot to land. Several Landing techniques but some techniques may be restricted depending on your Pilot skill and personality.

  • Safe Route [Default]: Calculate the safest landing path and burns a moderate quantity of fuel
  • Afterburners [Fuel -, Speed +]: Burns a lot of fuel for maximum speed and requires good piloting skills to avoid further damage.
  • Warp to Target [Fuel +, Stealth +]: Extremely complex technique. Warp as closely as possible, failure can cause immense damage, but success save fuel and detection.
  • Imitate asteroid [Stealth ++, Ship Integrity –, Speed -]: Mimics a fast meteorite a planet gravitational pull, and the asteroid crashing at the surface. Takes time, causes dramatic damages, but certainty the stealthiest method of landing.

If you success to land, congratulations, soon the colonization will start.