Software improves the functioning of other types of equipment (radar, vehicles, etc.). The number of Software cards available in the Alpha Edition is very limited, but you can find more Software in cargo crates during the Evacuation. If you find Software that you don't need, you can always have somebody crack it. After cracking, the Software cannot be used any longer – but its code can be used to create other pieces of Software. Creating your own Software is one of the many amazing things you can do with eXode's crafting system.

Each piece of Software has its own requirements and can only be installed on certain types of equipment. Software can be preinstalled on any appropriate equipment you bring when you set up your Evacuation or you can bring it with you to your colony and install it there. To install the Software, you need to find somebody with a Programming level equal to the software's Tech level stat. Software also takes up module space – typically equal to its quality level.

For example, The Planetscan VX (as its name implies) is used to upgrade a Ground Radar. In order to install the Planetscan VX, you will have to find a Ground Radar of at least quality level 3 and a technician that can handle a Tech Level of 5. If you install it to your Ground Radar, it gains the ability to perform additional scans: Minerals scan, Deep ground scan, and Major Landmarks scan. Once set up, the new scanning methods allow you to generate additional reports on your surroundings so that you'll have an easier time to decide where to go first or what to do next.