Space Rush

The space rush refers to the time roughly between 2260 and 2325 when individual groups could access colonization technology and settle about anywhere in space.

During the 22nd and 23rd centuries, colonization technologies were perfected and upgraded and allowed for more done with less people.

Large corporations also needed more manpower in their war against each other and to cover many new assets they acquired in the galaxy.

Offers were first made to citizens to join a corporation and settle elsewhere. Then corporations began to also equip and mandate privateers to do their bidding.

After a while, the base concept of 'privateers' extended to many other freelancers across the galaxy.

As UFP influence receded, and then Confederation's influence, the risk of having a space embargo was no longer considered a problem and 'outlaw' colonies multiplied.

Obtaining colonization permits was also made easier.

The Space Rush was then spearheaded by a combination of faction forces, corporation privateers, free citizens with a new permit and outlaws.

It was at its peak during the 24th century and only stopped in 2325.