Skill tests

Skill tests are an important part of the eXode's game-play. These tests are performed in two steps:

  1. Estimate the Chances To Pass (CTP)
  2. Roll a d100 (generate a random number between 1 and 100) against the CTP

If the roll is above the CTP, the test is failed, if it is below the CTP, the test is passed.

How to determine the CTP?

The Chance To Pass is determined from the character Skill rank and the Test's Difficulty (TD).

  • CTP = 100 x [ (Skill - TD) + 50 ] / [ TD + 50 ]


The CTP gives a chance in percent, with a minimum of 0 % if the Skill rank is equal to (TD - 50), and a maximum of 100 % if the Skill rank is equal to (TD x 2).

The Test's Difficulty value is usually 30 for Easy difficulties, 50 for Normal difficulties, 80 for Hard difficulties, and 120 for Elite difficulties.