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Whether you’re up against looters in the cargo bay or deadly aliens that want to exterminate your whole species, we’ve got something for you. And trust me, if you leave here empty handed then from the minute you hear that alarm ringing you’re going to wish you had fortified yourself with iron. I’m talkin' about guns! And lots of em.

Why don’t you take a minute to peruse our catalogue and then I’ll have Nash here give you a demonstration.

As you can see we’ve got a wide variety of side arms as well as some things that will really push you back.


The first 3 pieces on the list are our sidearms. In eXode you’ll probably never regret having one of these on you. The Firetalker is our most basic model. It’s nothing special but it’ll do in a pinch. It’s more accurate than some of the bigger guns and comes with an extra clip.

The Karper is basically the Firetalker’s big brother. Same amount of shots, and just a little more power but it’s one of the most accurate weapons we carry and it’s quick to draw to boot.

If you’re willing to sacrifice accuracy for power, and I mean a lot of accuracy for a lot of power, the Good Morning is definitely your cup of tea. If you can hit your mark, you wont need to hit it a second time, but you better wait till you can smell what they had for breakfast.

Main Weapons

If the Karper is a step up from the Firetalker then the Explanator is basically a big version of the Good Morning. It’s even more powerful, it has better accuracy though still nothing to write home about, and its got more ammo. All around more bang for your buck, except this one doesn’t fit in a holster.

My personal favorite of the bunch is the SD. Easily the most well rounded firearm we carry with good power, accuracy, and a full 48 shots when fully upgraded.

If your adversary leans more toward “genocidal alien” than cargo looter, I’ve got just the thing for you. Judgement Day. And yes, it’s as badass as it sounds. It shoots like a cannon and the accuracy is even pretty good considering the kick. With a full upgrade it’ll even give 66 shots, and thats a lot of lizard meat.

So far all of these toys have been from our Rekatron line and the last one they supply is the Galactic Peacemaker. So called because if you bring this baby, there won’t be anyone left to fight back. Its basically a handheld gatling gun so aim low and let it go.

There are 2 more weapons available that are not from the Rekatron collection, the first is your standard military issue FMR-17 Atonis and the second is the Syndicate Auto Blaster. Both of these are solid all around options.

This entry was adapted from @blockmonster's Hive post here.