Alpha planet NFT

During the Alpha, an Alpha planet NFT was gifted to the alpha testers of the Colonization Step One phase, i.e. the scanning phase.


To be defined

During the alpha

Note: this part reflects what is currently planned at the time this article is being written. As the team may decided to change this plan to take into account new situation, this part may be outdated at the time you read it.

Currently: Alpha testers managing to reach Colonization Step One (Scanning) and land on a planet, receive a planet NFT. If the player start a new Evacuation and land on another planet, the initial planet NFT will be destroyed and replaced by a new one.

Future: When the Colonization Step Two testing start, planet NFT distribution will be stopped, and distributed planet NFTs will be locked: they will not be destroyed/replaced if the player successfully land on a new planet after an Evacuation.

The Colonization Step Two Alpha will be a closed Alpha with only players having a locked planet NFT. At the end of the Colonization Step Two Alpha, the achievement players managed to achieve will impact the effects of the Alpha planet NFT.

The date for the Colonization Step Two testing start will be announced 7 days in advance.