Ammunition is necessary for all character weapons including Blasters (with the current exception of the KB-119 KB Blaster). Ammunition is not currently necessary for starships, vehicles or installations. All weapons start fully loaded (unless, of course, mentioned otherwise).

Ammo is equipped on a character (only 1 slot for it). It automatically switches existing magazines to the current ammo, and adds spare magazines too. Ammo is automatically used when character reloads his weapon. (when magazine is empty, character reloads).

Weapons with - - in the MAGS circle cannot be “upgraded” in magazine capacity by upgrades, but can still receive magazines from Ammo Slots (Defensive Ammo, etc). The Galactic Peacemaker cannot be loaded in full with just one magazine since it eats (and therefore holds) a lot of ammo and only receives 40 ammo per magazine. Elite Galactic Peacemaker is much better than the default Peacemaker with 80 ammo per magazine instead of 40.

Some ammo increases shooting accuracy (Rekatron Autoguided Ammo). When shooting, character has hitting chances influenced by his shooting stat, the accuracy of his weapon, distance, and the cover of the enemy being aimed at. Ammunition accuracy acts as a direct bonus hit %. If you have 50 % hitting chances, and have +5 Accuracy, then you have 55 % hitting chances.

Some ammo (Rekatron Party Ammo) increases weapon power.