Archeon Systems

This article was extracted to give a glimpse of space combat rules.


A special role for crew.

At your order, will launch Wasp missiles (short range, 10 ammo) or Storm missiles (veilspeed missile, 2 ammo).

Ammo is used and must be reconstructed by someone. We are far from the usual MMORPG ;) Ship combat will be some kind of intense experience.

Side Turrets

A special role for multiple crew. (uses “Hardpoints” grade)


This is another special role for 1 crew. Uses “Signals and Radar”.

Tacscan is a combat scanner, used automatically for attacks and especially for direct countermeasures (“save rolls” vs attacks).

Long range radar

Also called “Farscan”. Used in calm times to identify threats, choose the one to engage, and switch to “battle mode”.

How to play with your crew

Technically, you can put even your troopers in side turrets; which leaves the Signals Specialist for the tacscan and the Weapons Officer on missiles.

And you can still brain-wire someone to the shields…

Space combat is part of gameplay to preview after colonization.