Entire planets have been licensed to corporations. Because, why not? Who could have a say against it?

It was so easy to cheat the democratic system with billions. Ads, speeches, smear campaigns, all were tools refined so much to perfection. Elected Politicians were already always corporatists; even when they were playing the opposite card.

Corporations were then well settled in early civilization but they had another advantage to play.

It was too hard and perceived as too conflictual for nations to claim entire planets, and yet there were so many planets to claim! So when the Space Federation started, it also started selling planets in exchange of billions.

And billions came. And with them, full authority on planets, on colonists, on your entire life in one corporation. Sure, the corporation gave you a home, a job, revenues and a future. As long as you were useful though; you always had to take care of not losing this “edge”.

In 2325 many colonists are coming from Corporate Worlds. They enjoy a finer practice of robots and human enhancements, giving them a strong bonus to Cybernetics, as well as Administration and Leadership thanks to corporate culture about being so effective and organized.

However, the highly competitive mindset of corporations made them people building on competition with other teams and always accepting better opportunities, every person securing his own future, leading to a global lack of Loyalty.