Federal Colonists

As more and more Corporate Worlds were chartered, eventually the cut-throat competition between corporations led to the Corporation Wars – which, in turn, showed that licensing planets was not as good an idea as it initially seemed.

The Space Federation - also called the United Federation of Planets or “UPF” - also grew stronger as Corporations became more and more divided. New planets were colonized, this time by the Federation itself!

This was the time of humanity's strongest Space Rush.

The Federation needed more and more new colonies to sustain the corruption of the old worlds. Initial declarations of rights were lost to global interest and capitalistic needs and the UPF quickly evolved into an authoritative government – complete with a violent police force, military assaults on civilians, federal anthems sung, partial history taught to children and defining all opponents as dangerous terrorists.

The Federation was constantly at war with colonies not paying their taxes, and also at war with any colony thriving enough to be self-sustainable and become a danger. As more colonies came into their own, the old worlds needed to use more and more violence to ensure that competition would not trample them.

In turn, some colonies revolted. In some cases it succeeded, such as when the Drachian Republic was formed. But other federal colonies were willing to be subjugated, and a few of them even thrived. Some are very special, and you will learn more about: Achean Gangs, Linovian Elites, Perseans, and others.

Most Federal colonies were rather poor, barely eking out an existence on harsh planets. As a result, such colonists are always skilled in both Planetary life and Signals and Radar as not being able to to take advantage of any resource or to communicate because of an earthquake, storm, solar flare or, even, just a damaged antenna (all common occurrences) quickly led to becoming an evolutionary dead end! Frontier living also ensured that Federal Colonists were extremely varied in their skill sets and personal stories, with a small bonus to a random skill.

However, they always lacked the control on the global scope of things. The Federation always required their obedience, not their ability to police and rule, thus making them less skilled in Administration.