Leveling Up

Leveling up happens via the gaining of EXPERIENCE. Experience will be gained by all Origins, Ships, Officers, Crew and Passengers (if they display a Quality Level). The possibility to gain Experience is automatic for all these cards and never needs to be mentioned on a card. It is NOT gained by cards without a Quality Level like special generation cards (cards which have “Generate a XXX”), equipment cards, installations, interiors, layouts, etc. As a matter of fact, experience is usually not gained for any card which is Upgradable, but that last part is a guideline, not a rule, and may not apply to some future cards.

Experience will be gained either a) by playing games (you earn experience as legacy reward) or b) by combining duplicates by burning (just like upgrading). Whichever way you earn experience, it will accumulate over time on your cards until, at some value, it will increase your card’s level. When the card’s level increases, you may improve it by picking new traits and improving your Quality Level.

Every card which can be leveled up will have its own “leveling table” which details how many experience points are required achieve each level and what advantages that level grants. Leveling tables will only be shared when the feature is deployed as it is a critically important item to balance and needs adequate time to work on it. We already know, however, that when Origin cards gain 3 levels above their base, they will be able to pick up a new faction trait (so as to upgrade your Navy Origin to Military/Scientific or Military/Civilian, etc).