A Collectible Strategy Game

EXODE is a “collectible strategy game” (CSG? we know it's a new acronym) with some roleplaying features. It opted for more cooperative elements between players, discarding player vs. player (PVP) attacks on less well-equipped players while also encouraging also full competition between players with leaderboards.

Note that EXODE does not brand itself as a trading card game (TCG) or collectible card game (CCG).

EXODE cards have far more options than basic Attack/Defend/Health attributes and EXODE does not stand as a face-to-face card system. TCG is a very successful system and EXODE tries to build something further than that.

This means that we consider it “a living collectible strategy game”.

To check specific information about a “game card” (cards are assets that players can exchange), like current values of a card, more information will be made available on: