eXode Fuel is a currency, or token, available ingame for the EXODE game.

It has been declared on Hive Engine with the designation “EXOFUEL”.

Fuel is not a mandatory resource.

However it is very useful ingame to power up ships for space exploration and can also sustain your colonies if you lack other means to do so.

Everytime Fuel is used ingame, it is lost. This guarantees market value of Fuel.

The best way to obtain Fuel is by completing ingame missions. Or, of course, you can also directly purchase it on Hive Engine!

You can also limit your usage and need of Fuel, and even nullify it, by using fuel replacement products purchased on the player market, or even by producing your own replacement fuel in your colony.

At launch, Fuel consumption will be displayed ingame but will possibly not be activated before some time while adjusting gameplay.

Fuel consumption (and possible money gains by selling Fuel tokens) will be activated during alpha.