Starter: Ark Scientist

EXODE Starters have all the cards required to launch a game in EXODE and acquire a colony. They include a Ship card, an Origin card and some useful assets.

The Ark Scientist has the advantage of his scientists - the best for research and development. Unfortunately, scientists aren't good in combat and generally don't deign to sully their hands with mere colonist tasks.

The Orwell is good for exploration but you don't want to take it into combat. It's tough to upgrade but, at least, it's easy to repair.

Solo roles:

  • Exploring the flora and fauna of a planet
  • Developing new technology

Team roles:

  • Providing new technology to others to assist them in surviving

Included Cards (14):

How to make the most of it: The Ark Scientist is your obvious choice if you want to build a colony that specializes in research and peaceful exploration. With her Synergies she will make every Scientist perform at peak efficiency. Fighting petty wars is way beneath the Ark Scientist so don't expect her to fare well in any armed conflict. Getting out of Evacuation with an intact ship and a healthy crew will be a challenge. Consider bringing a Versatile combat specialist with you to help protect your ship while you stock up on fuel and prepare the hyperdrive.

Once the colony has been established most colonists will be preoccupied with researching, so bringing some Autonomous vehicles for exploration could be a huge boon. Also, don't expect some of the most brilliant scientists (still alive) to descend into a mineral mine or do any other mundane work for you. If you want something build or extracted you'd better bring someone or something for that job as well.

Notes: This card is part of EXODE alpha collection. It was made available on EXODE Shop and featured in EXODE Triple-pack.

This is one of the 7 Origin cards available in alpha.

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