Tom Settler Essentials pack

The Tom Settler Essentials pack was part of the Glorious 8 sale. It was sold for 20$ during the sale (price before discount).

The Tom Settler Essentials pack includes 3 cards: Soup and Cook, TOM Beauty Air, and TOM Survivor CO[nsole] 5. As its name indicates, the cards from this pack provide a bonus to start a new colony.

In alpha collection this is the only card that gives immediate, real food. And as you may guess, every citizen is expected to eat 1 food and 1 water per day!

With Beauty Air people are reminded that Life Support is a thing!

Just because players don't always land where the best oxygen is to be found, Tom Essentials is there to cover their back. With Beauty Air, they should make their citizens forget about the hardships of life.

The Tom’s Survivor CO 5 will go great with a sidearm and offers additional bonuses while exploring.