Sunteks are survivors from the Colombus, a colony ship that crashed on a remote planet plagued by heavy radiation in the year 2113. Without any means for communication or any hope to ever repair their ship, they had to try and adapt to the hostile planet they were stranded on. Against all odds, they managed to do so for more than 200 years until they were rediscovered in the 23rd century.

They created their own society born out of need and the ever present radiation. After all the protective substances they brought with them were used up, they had to find other ways to hold on. To protect themselves from the worst radiation, they established their colony mostly underground. But the colonists still needed food and water, so they had to find ways to care for their basic needs.

Thus a hereditary caste system was born with each generation of a family taking care of a certain task. This helped each following generation to become better and better at their specific job since not only did they learned from the generations before them, but also developed better resistance to the particular radiation that their jobs exposed them to. Over time, the Suntek formed a highly specialized society with all members working together to ensure the survival of the colony.

They also discovered an energy source on their planet - similar to some kind of solar technology. Suntek is short for Sun Technology and it's the name given to these people by 2325s human society.

These former humans live in space suits their entire life since they are extremely vulnerable to normal air but, in turn, have developed exceptional skills in engineering life support equipment - a prime need on planets and in space. They are also the only ones to who truly know how to use there technology. As Elindos has put it “if you have no Suntek, you are headed for special surprises with their technology.”

The only two Suntek cards in the Alpha edition are both ships, "The Colombus" and the Akhen Cannon. The former is also Civilian and therefore accessible to players without a Suntek. The latter is not.

A Suntek Radiated Survivor pack was given away as part of a March promo.

The Suntek Radiated Survivor turned out to be a Suntek Collector.

The Collectors were one of the castes most exposed to radiation as it was their duty to move out of the underground shelters and collect everything necessary to sustain the colony. In the early years, they were the ones with the highest mortality. The ones that survived became stronger and more resilient than anybody else.

They also became extraordinary good at their job of collecting what was important for the colony. Because of that, they come with a very unique perk. Whenever they or their team collects resources, there is a 60% chance to gather an additional unit of that resource. Since the Suntek Collector is not a Veteran, you could, in theory, bring multiple copies with you. This would allow for some crazy resource gathering, as each roll is made separately and you could end up with +2 or even more extra resources.

But that wasn't all the pack contained. It also introduced the Suntek Energy Sphere.

As you can see, this wondrous globe can both be used as research as well as construction material. It is radioactive and highly unstable, though. If you want to make use of the Energy Sphere, you have to make sure to contain it safely. Store it in an underground facility and keep anybody not protected or not used to the radiation as far away from it as possible. Just like all Suntek items, at a minimum, aanybody handling the Suntek Sphere needs to be a highly trained professional or you risk triggering an apocalyptic event in your new home.

These cards are also part of the achievements rewards with the Colombus so that anyone can get them – eventually.