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What is EXODE?

EXODE is a new space colonization game powered by the HIVE blockchain. (initially announced before the fork happened)

EXODE will be first available as a browser game but a game client will also be released very early.

Space colonization? What can we do there?

EXODE gives you unique starting conditions, with a specific ship, unique crew, passengers and crates.

Also, every player receives a unique planet. It is then up to them to make their planet thrive! More information about this and the game sequence is also available on this page.

A planet? Can it be sold?

Yes. Definitely. Everything in EXODE (crew, ship, passengers, crates, planet) can be sold to the player market.

Can we obtain a rare planet? or a legendary one?

Exceptional assets (not only planets, but also crew, citizens, etc) can be earned according to a rarity system.

Some rarities will need to be unlocked, however, meaning players need to have some experience and investment into the game before unlocking legendaries.

Is it like NextColony?


We are not related to the team behind the game NextColony (all rights reserved to their proper owners). Also, we wanted with EXODE to provide a vastly different experience.

In EXODE, a unique planet is already part of your starting experience.

You don't have to search a long time for a planet; you already have one very specific to enjoy or resell. Your entire crew is also unique, just like your passengers and, to some extent, your crates. Of course, you may also build a starship and explore the galaxy; thus expanding your assets.

Why a game client if it is a browser game?

The game client is not necessary to play the game.

It acts as a fun and comfortable way to interact with the network. Later the game client will be further improved and attract many more users to EXODE and the HIVE blockchain.

It is planned to become a mobile app and a Steam game too at some point. The game client also acts as a preview of what the next apps could be and good way to test our API.

May I play the game only in my browser?


May I play the game, optionally, only with the game client?



The exodus (in english) refers to dramatic events in war history where entire populations fled.

Here, it is related to the slaughter of mankind's population across the galaxy and a last ditch effort to escape with survivors.

It can remind you of Battlestar Galactica's (2004) history or Mass Effect 3.

Ok, but why did you keep the non-english word of EXODE, instead of Exodus?

The concept was first created with the name EXODE and it always had a logo with a larger X.

First users got used to the name and the concept. EXODE is also more original, as a name, than exodus and has grown into its own label and intellectual property.

There are other reasons.

It is very true that references of exodus are across all people. It has biblical references (ie. hebrew).

However it also has a strong reference in France, with the exact name “Exode”. It underlines a specific time in 1940 where populations moved following the german advance in French territory.

As game programmers and some artists are french, or european, it made sense to keep the name.

Are you dismissing the dramatic events and making a fun game out of it?

It will be a game with new experiences and entertainment, but the game emotional strength is actually made to commemorate these dramatic events.

You will certainly understand that part when trying the game client! It can be perceived in the actual game soundtrack.

EXODE has a strong soul to it, in addition to the incredible blockchain value we are aiming at.

What value do we have, blockchain-wise?

You will be able to preorder packs.

A market site will be implemented very early to allow you to sell these packs if you want to.

This means liquidity extremely early.

The Market will ensure liquidity and value of your assets.

How do we gain value?

These packs will be proposed by us at an increased price every two or three weeks.

This means you can already make money by coming in early, and selling these packs to the market for an increased price at any time later.

This means even if you keep your packs, they gain value.

At some point (could be quicker than estimated) the packs will be “all spent”, because they are in limited number.

At that point they can be available only from you, on the player market.

What kind of payable content is there?

A lot about this content will be detailed in the next days.

Payable content is usually packs. Packs give you assets, which are ship, crew and passenger assets and also crates. But also character classes for your main character or new skills.

Loot follows a rarity basis.

You can sell packs, but you can also sell individual assets.

In addition to the assets above, there will be what is called a “Supply Market”. The supply market allows players to sell fuel, food, ship components, designs or even citizens that they have ingame to other players.

There will also be special offers with what we call “supply contracts”; these services deliver you loot on a regular basis!

Also, purchase volume can unlock you access to the Settlers Club, and more purchases unlock you access to the Mavericks Club.

What are these Clubs?

A Club is a specific subsection of the community where only members with a specific amount of investment into the game are allowed. Access to a Club may be honorary (for instance if you contributed a lot to the game) but can usually only be obtained by investing. There is in this case no manual selection of Club members; investors in the game get this access automatically.

The concept of a Mavericks Club has been developed by Splinterlands and I really believe it is a good thing.

So I also implement this concept in EXODE, and I did not want to hide that this concept came from Splinterlands, so I decided to keep the name.

I want Mavericks to feel at home here, and I don't mean by this that I only look forward to have their investment into EXODE; I also believe they have some experience in such blockchain projects.