Manage Shields

Only available in cockpit. This action lasts for 300 time (= 5 minutes). It requires brain-wiring to the ship defense system which is extremely intense and increases stress level a lot.


* For duration of this order, your ship will have a “cancel hit” chance, tested when your ship is going to be damaged.

* Cancel Hit chances will be the same as the Warfare grade of this crew. So, if your crew has B in Warfare (meaning between 60 and 80 %) this means you get good “cancel hit” chances of 60 to 80 percent.

* In addition, any damage received if the hit was not canceled will also be reduced by a percentage equal to the Warfare grade. So, if you are going to receive 20 points of damage, and have 60% warfare, you instead receive 8 points of damage.

* If Signals Grade is above Warfare Grade, the crew will use his Signals academic training instead of Warfare experience; for same results!


Stress Level:

* For duration of this order, every second, your crew will test his “Toughness/Resistant” grade; every failure gives 1 stress damage.

Fatal Wounds:

* For duration of this order, if your ship takes damage, your crew must test his “Toughness/Resistant” grade (minus the calculated damage); failure gives immediate damage to health and stress. This can be fatal, but usually will injure the crew the first time.

Decrease in performance:

* Defense performance will slowly decrease over time: if crew took stress damage and consequently has less than 100 stress resistance, defense effectiveness is reduced by the missing percentage.

* Defense performance also has a curve, with less effectiveness as the 5 minute time goes on.

Using several crew to manage shields

It is advised to rotate your crew using this. You may also have several crew managing shields at the same time, for same benefits and risks.

As a reminder, most crew have about 60 - 150 health; this is calculated with Toughness grade * 2.

As a reminder, most crew have about 60 - 150 initial stress resistance; this is calculated with Discipline grade * 2.