Reunite with Crew

If crew can be located and has his/her Comms online, you should use Come Back Here order instead.

This order is executed in three phases.

  1. First, as usual, your Crew must move to the room of target crew (but it can also be the same room).
  2. Then, your Crew must find the target crew.
  3. And lastly, your crew must convince him/her quickly to come back. And they come back together.

Execution time is:


Both elements can take some time.

MOVE TIME is equal to the “Distance” to target room, reduced by your Crew “Speed”. If you target someone from the same room (like the Station Halls), move time is 0.

INVESTIGATION TIME is equal to (80 - Crew “Investigation”), in seconds. This means crew members with the “Investigator” trait are excellent here.

DISCUSSION TIME can be long or short and also depends on target's Open Mindness.

You take the total of your Crew “Leadership” and “Intimidation”. You take the target “Discipline” and “Open Mindness”. If the total is inferior to 280, then you start losing time.

DISCUSSION TIME is 280 - (total of Leadership, Intimidation of investigator) - (total of Discipline and Open Mindness of target).

Officers have a bonus in Discussion: they need 20 less seconds to bring back the other crew member.

Galvin-4 and some other conversation specialists add half of their Conversation skills to their capacity. They reduce discussion time by 30-40 seconds.

With an average stat of 50, this means the Reunite with Crew order can take 110 seconds on average; or 90 seconds on average with an officer bonus.

Please note that in next versions, there will be “a success roll” too, which can fail.

In case of crewmen, critical failures can result in a fight. In case of Galvin-4, it can result of a “I hate robots!” reaction, and someone hitting Galvin.