EXODE Version D/1

The D1 version is the first part of “Version D”. This version focused on stabilizing existing features before deploying some new ones in D/2. D/1 was released to allow players to benefit from it's “fixes”, which are numerous but still do not address many specific “resolution” problems. D/2 was begun as well, with much work done on the “deadly bullets” and “starfleet” update. D/1 also reworked a large part of the entire code to make the fundation faster with receiving additional features.

The “D/1” part includes numerous fixes, listed below.

It still leaves a lot issues in some resolutions and on mobile; but added the following 20 points:

All screens

1. Fixed: popup scroll not displayed on some resolutions.

2. Fixed: popup “close button” not displayed on some resolutions.

3. Fixed: music and fx play events were causing a “promise” error on Chrome.

4. Fixed: following previous point, the menu was sometimes not clickable on some items (seems fixed now).

Still some issues (but usable) on: mobile version, some resolutions.

Station Approach

6. Inline window was broken on some resolutions and put data all over screen. Fixed now.

Still some issues (but usable) on: mobile version, some resolutions.


Station has still many problems in mobile and some resolutions and this update fixes issues encountered by other situations.

7. Added an information text above the action dock.

8. Notifications should behave more properly now.

9. Tutorial should behave much more properly now. I have still seen one specific case of it being unresponsive, but the common situation is much better.

Station Orders

This version fixes many orders: Find Crew, Rush It, Cancel, Move.

10. You can now execute the “Cancel order”, which will restore control after 6 to 10 seconds.

11. For active members, “Reunite with Crew” is replaced by the order “Find Missing Crew”.

12. Made a little different icon for “Find Missing Crew”.

13. For missing members who still have their comms, “Reunite with Crew” is replaced by “Come Back Here!”. (they can come back on their own)

14. Finding missing crew members now restores the investigator interface properly.

15. Finding missing crew members now activates the target interface properly.

16. You can now execute the “Rush It” order. This has chances to reduce execution time of current task.

17. Rushing also increases stress of crew member.

18. Rushing has chances to trigger a bad reaction, especially on crew members who lack Discipline or are already stressed. This can cause insults, bad execution, or other colorful reactions!

19. Colorful reactions on the public comms channel can affect a little the stress of other crew members.

20. Added fuel was not calculated properly (mentioned by cryptoriddler)