Version D/4

Version D4 was a two day update to version D. As development switched resources to the card collection (deploying 42 unique cards last week and the opening pack feature, and 45 more unique contract cards to be deployed this week) it was felt necessary to upgrade version D with some missing features.

The main additions of D4 was:

1) Your rifles can shoot to kill!

2) Your crewman can shout when hurt or fired at. (180 new audio files were added for various hurt and alert messages, and some new bullet ricochet)

3) Details are now provided about orders, including what grades are involved and the bonuses of the crew you look at.

Other features are:

4) Crew file can be inspected at all times (new mini-icon for it)

5) Inline window can be invoked at any game screen, to inspect citizens or crew, and is animated.

6) Fix: Orders layout better organized in all resolutions.

7) Balance: You should now have a minimum of 3 READY crew in all games.

8) Starfleet displays its status “live”. (updates about alien forces every second etc).

9) Version displayed on final score, to make sure this was made on D4.

10) Engineer role displayed, and with role in color (Cyan).

Known issues:

- Existing issue: I have seen once the issue with “some crew displayed between rooms”. Could not fix it yet.

- Existing issue: I have seen the issue with “non displayed notifications”. It did not disturb gameplay.

- Crew stacking still happens.

- Reported issue: People are reporting different execution times than calculated. This is usually because of crew staking of move bug that makes our crew in a different room. This is being investigated.