Evacuation - Patches of version D

Patch D/43

(May 16th)

Version D/43 adds broadcasts of end results and some fixes.

  • Fixes: Fixed a bad usage of the firing mechanics which may use the wrong crew for some of it.
  • Fixes + Balance: Starfleet now loses more interception chances when outnumbered (this was intended but needed a fix)
  • Updated: We can now receive “Justin Takeover”, a passenger added for a fun and comedy aspect (see below).
  • Updated: broadcast mechanics are in this build, this means your battles are now logged.
  • Battle scores are now saved and displayed to all captains!
Patch D/44

(May 25th)

Removes an exploit.

Captains could exploit the Cancel order. Fixed.

Only manage shields can be canceled. All other orders can be Rushed.

Patch D/45

(May 28th)

Patch D/45 removes a number of exploits and elements working not as intended.

a) Looters and snipers will now stop shooting at people who cannot be located. (comms offline, or comms online missing crew will stop being shot at!)

b) In Cargo Bay there were neutral crew. They were still displayed wrongly as “Citizens”. And you could Escort them, which was not intended.

Fixed: for now neutral crew will stop appearing there, as it was confusing.

c) In Station Halls, you could use the Escort Citizen order on the same citizen with several crew.

When completing this order, first this would remove a citizen, but then it could also escort the next ones.

This exploit has been fixed: you can no longer escort the same citizen with several crew.