Evacuation version E/0

Version E/0, deployed May 31st, demonstrates the new “customize game” screen.

This version uses an advantage of being on browser and customizes several very powerful public radial scripts.

With new music, FX, interactive user interface and atmosphere, this new screen “to customize your game” wants to welcome you nicely into eXode.

You can now:

  • Select your Origin
  • Select your Ship
  • Customize your Ship with Equipment Sets
  • Select Officers
  • Select your Crew (usually seven)

Your selection will respect game rules and your traits and limitations.

E/0 is a demonstration however: a known issue is that we can take several times the same crew type, and the game then launches playable alpha D/45, while waiting for version E to be complete..

We can select and inspect our crew.

Other Additions

This version also adds two thousands of lines to describe our many traits and keywords.

It also refines the way we approach game stats thanks to the new crew generation chart.