When a Character Card is “locked” to a game, it creates a “Generated Character” for the duration of that game.

Every generated character in EXODE has background information (name, gender, planet of origin, faction), current status (health, wounds, stress level, current happiness) and a number of skills that we call their “profile”. The keywords on your Character Cards are called “traits” and affect the generation of background information and skills.

It should be noted that, in EXODE, for simplicity, skills encompass a very broad range of concepts so that the same mechanics can be used throughout. This removes many of the endless tables and memorization of traditional role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Thus, not only do EXODE skills encompass traditional skills but also things that D&D considers innate abilities and attributes – so that all can be handled in exactly the same simplified, unified fashion.

Further, in EXODE, you

  • don't have to understand all of these profile skills,
  • most often don't know their exact values at the start of the game (see investigating and altering your generated crew), and
  • generally only have to pay attention to whether they have significantly good or bad values.

Helpfully, when generated characters do have exceptionally good or bad values (whether due to innate rolls or the effects of other characters and/or items), the associated trait appears on the visual representation of that generated character – so you can even ignore the skill scores entirely and just pay attention to their associated traits.

A complete list of character SKILLS, their descriptions and their associated traits can be found here. There is a complete list of character TRAITS, their descriptions and their associated skills here.