Character Traits

Traits are the keywords on character cards and generated characters that describe a character's noteworthy features (i.e. those that affect the game). Some traits denote particularly good or bad skills – remembering that EXODE skills run the gamut from traditional academic skills to innate abilities and attributes – and are backed by numeric scores. Some non-skill traits (e.g. backgrounds, factions, personality etc.) are chosen from a list and require and have no additional information behind them. Other particularly important non-skill traits that appear or don't appear include Officer, Veteran, Versatile and Faction Leader.

Traits on character cards affect the range and distribution of the scores behind skill-describing traits and bypass random generation for backgrounds and factions. Special traits like Officer never appear on generated characters unless they were on the character card. Traits appear in both major and minor variants with the former indicated by being in bold.

If a character or item has a trait that “Grants” a skill, it really does grant the minor version of the skill. The trait “Inspires” gives half the bonus of the minor skill. if for any reason, you have more than one bonus in a skill: additional major bonuses give +20 and additional minor bonuses give +15.

Academic skills only have traits if a character is particularly good at them and the trait is the same as the skill name. Individual skills (both physical and psychological) and social skills can create both positive and negative traits as listed below.

Academic Skills & Traits

Individual Skills & Traits

Social Skills & Traits