Character Backgrounds

Every character generated in EXODE will have a background. Some character cards already have a background trait on them (e.g. Drachian) and will always generate a character with that background (which cannot be changed). Character cards without a background trait will be assigned one randomly from among the current choices. Background traits come with important modifications, both positive and negative, to a character's skills. Note that additional traits and even background-specific equipment are possible with certain backgrounds as well.

During Crew Registration, you are allowed to investigate your crew's unknown skills and backgrounds. If you have investigated a character's background that was not specified on the character card, you may then have it randomly redetermined to a guaranteed-different background for a significant number of upgrade points.

Currently, there are 21 backgrounds implemented in EXODE – seven “General Worlds” backgrounds, nine very specific “Special” backgrounds, and five “Exterior Worlds” backgrounds. Both the “Special” or “Exterior Worlds' backgrounds also serve as factions while those with a “General Worlds” background will also be given one of the seven General Worlds faction overlays.

The odds of having any particular background are as follows: