Elite Versions of Cards

Elite versions of Ships, Crew and Officers have +3 QL (quality level), and +3 max quality level (their max quality level is 13).

Other cards?

Elite versions of Weapons, Buildings, Vehicles, do not display a Quality Level. So, what happens with them if they are Elite?

They see many (nearly all) of their attributes augmented, usually by +3 score. This sometimes double their efficiency.

For instance, an Elite Drone: (*Tom Settlers Friendly Eyes*)

  • has 6 Speed (instead of 3).
  • has more Stealth.
  • has more resistance.
  • has QL 8 scanners (instead of QL 5).

This means it moves two times faster, is two times stealthier, two times more resistant, and explores two times faster too. This drone has high value.

But the best thing even? It is still upgradable!!

This means you can still double it's attributes ; if you find other Elite drones. It can then go up to 12 Speed!