Available Orders (Evacuation)

Execution times for orders are dependent upon crew member stats and traits. They may also affect how well the task is done or an overall success rate.

Players see the grades in S+, A+, to F ratio. But the game uses a 1 to 100 score. A+ means a score above 90, and is exceptional. A is above 80, B is above 60, which is already very good.

Crew roughly have 51 in average value, and 35 to 70 in regular value spread, with some extreme values quite possible.

Necessary Evacuation Tasks

Load Fuel (Ship Interior)

Fuel is used to power your ship generator and hyperdrive. Your ship begins with no fuel. In this state, it cannot power the hyperdrive and trying to launch will fail. Further, even if you have some fuel, as long as you are “low on energy” (less than 10 percent fuel capacity), the hyperdrive has 10 % less global chances to function properly. While even one completed “Load Fuel” action can put your ship to good status, loading more fuel will currently increase your Final Score and, once Colonization game-play is made available, will be extremely important for your colony.

Loading Fuel currently requires 200 time (in seconds) minus crew Cybernetics and Manual/Dexterity grades.

Minimal time is 20 seconds.

Upgrade Hyperdrive (Ship Interior)

In 2325, ships use different technologies for space travel. Your engine can be upgraded to use the Neuter-fields effect and make a hypergalatic jump. The technology for this has been shared by the Federation due to the alien attacks.

  • Non-upgraded drives have only a 20% chance to succeed
  • If they have no fuel/energy, there is no chance of success
  • If they have less than 10% fuel/energy, the chance of success is 10% less.

To increase your chances, you must give the Upgrade Hyperdrive order.

This action requires a random time of 300 minus Cybernetics and Mechanics grades of the crew member assigned.

Once completed, your success chances for a jump will be increased to about 20 + (0.5 * Cybernetics and Mechanics grades of your crew member who performed the upgrade and you will received a message with the exact “success chances” estimated by the ship systems for a hypergalactic jump.

You can increase your chances by ordering this action a second time. In this case, your odds again go up with the maximum being the lesser of 20 + (0.75 * Cybernetics and Mechanics grades of your crew member) or 100%

You can, of course, order multiple persons to do it, but the last person to finish executing the order will adjust the maximal output to his own odds.

If hyperdrive fails, you must wait a random time (7 to 35 seconds) before being able to press the LAUNCH button again!

Other Evacuation Tasks

Come Back Here!

This order can can only target crew members who are On Leave, Ill or Injured, but still have their Comms Online. It is an extreme advantage, in time management, to use the Come Back Order instead issuing a Reunite with Crew order to occupy someone else.

The time required is 160 - (Crew Discipline + Crew Speed).

With an average stat of 50, average execution time is 60 seconds for this order; however, crew with “Disciplined” and “Fast” traits are likely to have much higher stats and return much more quickly (they can even come back immediately. Note also that as Officers have a bonus in Discipline, they are also usually faster to come back.

Reunite With Crew

If a crew member has his comms offline, another crew member must be sent to get them. This is a fraught task which involves movement time, investigation time and discussion time. In the future, there will be a success roll which can fail and result in a fight. Fast crew members, officers, and those with the Investigator, Leadership, Intimidation or Conversation skills will finish the task in less time. If the crew member to be retrieved is Disciplined or Open-Minded, that will help as well.

This time required is 360 minus Investigation, Leadership and Intimidation from investigator; and Discipline and Open Mindedness from target.

Specific details are outlined here.

Load Cargo (Cargo Bay)

This time required to load one unit of cargo is (200 - [Manual Dexterity] - Awareness - 0.5 * Speed. Minimum time is 30 seconds.

* Loading cargo has risks. Looters will shoot at you, and may decrease your health.

* Once at 0 health, crew falls down and is lost. Remember you are able to flee before this happens, by leaving the Cargo Bay!

* If you equipped weapons, your armed crew will have the Attack order available, to effectively shoot back at the looters.

Manage Shields (cockpit only)

This action lasts for 300 time (= 5 minutes). It requires brain-wiring to the ship defense system which is extremely intense and increases stress level a lot so you are advised to rotate your crew doing this. Shields can both cancel hits and reduce damage. More information is available here.

Escort Passenger (station halls)

The time required is 380 minus Speed, Charisma and Conversation grades.

It will add target citizen to your passengers onboard. This may make other citizens Angry, or even, turn them into Hostiles.

Appease Citizen (station halls)

The time required is 150 minus your Empathy and Conversation grades (minimum time: 10 seconds).

It can give you information about the current role of this passenger. It will also try to remove the 'Angry' status, if any.

Special Orders

Equip Weapons / Equip Military Armor

Can be used from the Action Dock. Accesses the Ship lockers and equip rifles and armor.

Attack Target (if a weapon is equipped)

Only available if you have a weapon and are in Station Halls or Cargo Bay.

Automatically tries to wound or kill enemies in the same room.

Attempts are made when this character has taken position (is no longer moving) and as long as this character does not receive any other order. In this case, and if your character has an equipped weapon, and attack mode is active (which is the default mode), he will attempt to take shots. Every time a shot is made (according to 'Shooting Chances' of weapon and violence of your character), your shooting accuracy is tested on a random enemy in the same room.