Starter: Navy Lieutenant

EXODE Starters have all the cards required to launch a game in EXODE and acquire a colony. They include a Ship card, an Origin card and some useful assets.

The Navy Lieutenant has the advantage of his military crew - more disciplined and effective than civilians but also carrying more weapons in case problems arise.

A combat frigate also makes it the most capable in space combat.

Solo roles:

  • Evacuations with fights on station.
  • Space combat missions.
  • Ground exploration.

Team roles:

  • Winning space combat missions (for rewards)
  • Space combat support (giving time for teammates to escape)

Included Cards (14):

How to make the most of it: The Navy Lieutenant is your perfect choice if you are looking for a straight forward Origin that heavily focuses on combat. He will have an easier time getting out of Evacuation alive than any other option. Every member of his crew is combat-proven and highly specialized in at least one school of combat. Space combat, ground combat, you name it and the Navy Lieutenant has it.

The thing is, there is not much else this Origin is good at. His crew was trained to fight pirates in space, not to establish a colony or maintain complex machinery. More than anybody else the Navy Lieutenant needs a plan on what to do once he evacuated successfully. Without the help from rescued civilians or some versatile specialists he will have a hard time to get anything done on his new homeworld. There are two possible options to pursue for this Origin: Either concentrate on rescuing as many people and salvaging as much cargo as possible or swap some of your crew and equipment for personal that will actually help you with day-to-day colony live.

If you manage to repair your ship and get your hands on some fuel you can start to explore your part of the galaxy again. So if you are looking for someone to do a little more than just rebuild society, then the Navy Lieutenant is going to be your ideal choice. Just don't expect him to ever really do well with his colony.

Notes: This card is part of EXODE alpha collection. It was made available on EXODE Shop and featured in EXODE Triple-pack.

This is one of the 7 Origin cards available in alpha.

This article will be completed with more attributes revealed.