EXODE's Universe

EXODE is set in a fictional universe where mankind engaged in space colonization in the 22nd century.

Nations and large corporations were able to settle numerous colonies.

There were numerous conflicts too with several large-scale wars erupting between nations, quickly followed by many more wars, official or not, between large corporations.

During the 23rd century the entire national concept receded and disappeared to be replaced by more power given to the United Federation of Planets (UFP), after which colony rebellions quickly emerged leading to several counterpowers in the galaxy.

Later in the 23th century, thanks to loosened control by superior influences and more offers provided by large corporations, engaging in space colonization became a widely available option for citizens. This triggered a new phase in the space rush.

The attacks of 2325 put a sudden and immediate stop to mankind's efforts to swarm the galaxy, leaving only a few captains and citizens alive…