Syndicate Sponsorship

Every week, the Syndicate will deploy 3 new crew and items to your headquarters..

You must OPEN the contract in order to receive these cards. The contract will only store 3 weeks of cards. If a contract is not opened for more than 3 weeks, the extra cards WILL be lost.

You can receive implants, officers, starships…

Loot Chances

At the moment:

  • 32,6% chances to be Common
  • 52,2% chances to be Rare
  • 14,1% chances to be Epic
  • 1,1% chances to be Legendary

Some cards can be “rarer Epics”. In the current Syndicate version, the Black Lotus starship is a rarer Epic and has only 2.2 % chances to be dropped.

In addition, every card has of course 2 % chance to be Elite.

Remember contracts may be updated to keep them competitive. They will receive new content at times, which will be made available in your next drops.

Implants and DNA Modifications...

Drugs ... and ability to make your own!


An Exceptional Leader!



Assassins and Killing Machines!